"Citizenship of Grenada"

"Citizenship of Grenada"

"Citizenship of Grenada"

Grenada is an island state located in the Caribbean Sea, on the continent of North America. The country attracts visitors not only with its beautiful nature, but also with its opportunities.

The island of Grenada was discovered by Christopher. Columbus in 1498. At this time, the population of the island were Caribs who moved here from the South. This is a former English colony.

 The area of ​​the country is 344 km², the population reaches 115 thousand people.

The capital of Grenada is St. George's, the official language here is English. 

A citizen of Grenada is a person who has received all the rights and obligations provided by the Constitution and laws of Grenada. Citizenship of Grenada can be obtained by being born in this country or through immigration programs that help to obtain citizenship of this state. All questions on obtaining citizenship can be asked remotely, the migration consultant is in touch, online.

Citizenship of Grenada can be bought legally. This industry has become popular thanks to the programs of the Caribbean countries. There are 5 Caribbean countries that sell their passports for money, incl. Dominica and Grenada. The main advantage of Grenada citizenship is obtaining an E 2 visa. This is important, because other ways to obtain this visa are much more expensive or longer in terms of time. Therefore, the passport of this country is in demand. Other Caribbean countries do not qualify for E 2 status

It is beneficial for the country's economy that investors invest in shared construction. The state benefits from this, at least - the development of the hotel complex. 

Grenada Citizenship is belonging to the people of the state of Grenada with all constitutional rights and obligations. Residents of Grenada can live, work, study, receive medical, social and legal assistance from the state, participate in political elections and national referendums. 

Many people seek to cooperate with the United States, to become their full-fledged partners. For them, the right choice of citizenship or a second citizenship would be the path to obtaining citizenship of Grenada. The United States gives simplified entry into the country to citizens of the Caribbean. This is the country that has concluded a treaty on trade and navigation with the United States.

All citizenships of the Caribbean countries make it possible to obtain a visa for 10 years in the United States, but Citizenship of Grenada provides the most favorable conditions, providing its citizens with E 2 status.

The E-2 status allows the investor and his family to move to the US and work and study there. E-2 status can be obtained by investors with citizenship of countries that have concluded a trade and navigation treaty with the United States, such as Grenada.

 Grenada recognizes dual citizenship, so you don't need to renounce any other citizenship.

 Grenada produces spices - cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, scented coffee and wild coffee.

Program for obtaining grenada citizenship has been operating with the help of investments since 2013.

The main advantages of the passport of Grenada:

  • the possibility of obtaining an E2 business visa to America;
  • fast time for consideration of an application for citizenship in one quarter, up to 4 months;
  • there are no obligations on the need for permanent residence in the country;
  • all documents are submitted remotely, electronically, remotely, it is not necessary to come to the office for this;
  • no requirement to pass an interview, show language skills;
  • no requirement to have a higher education;
  • more than 140 countries are visited by citizens of Grenada without visas
  • you can stay in the Schengen countries, the European Union and the UK for up to 180 days;
  • Visa-free Singapore, Brazil and China;
  • reduction in tax payments. The most comfortable conditions for entrepreneurial activity have been created. 0% tax on global income;
  • there are no requirements that you need to know English;
  • a passport can be obtained not only by the investor, but by the whole family, including spouses, parents and children under 30, grandparents, unmarried brothers or sisters without children;
  • investments must be kept for 5 years, then the property can be sold, and you will keep your passport and will be inherited;
  • the emergence of prospects for doing business in the United States, it is possible to obtain a business visa with E-2 status for the investor and his family members.


  1. The fastest time for consideration of the possibility of obtaining citizenship of Grenada, the shortest time for consideration is 2 months.
  2. Optimization of tax payments; 

The policy of the state of Grenada is focused on creating optimal loyal conditions for doing international business. The most comfortable conditions for taxpayers have been developed, taxes have been minimized for passport holders of this state. There is no tax on the capital gains item, and there is no income tax, i.e. tax on personal income received from foreign sources.  

  1. Grenada passport holders can obtain a visa to do business in the US, an important E2 status;
  2. With a Grenada passport, you can visit countries without a visa, there are more than 140 of them;
  3. Become a citizen of Grenada and have the right to enjoy benefits, big discounts in the UK, in countries with a Schengen visa (China, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.);
  4. It is possible to have dual citizenship. No need to renounce another citizenship, expressing a desire to become a citizen of this country;
  5. Visa E 2 makes it as easy as possible to do business in America;
  6. The investor has the opportunity to develop business at the international level, optimizing their taxes;
  7. Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. This membership entitles you to enjoy all the benefits of the UK. For example, education in UK universities can be obtained with significant discounts. Citizens of Grenada can study on benefits, having a passport of this Caribbean state. Also, on benefits, it will be possible to study at the Universities of Grenada;
  8. The country of Grenada cares about the safety of each of its citizens, everything will be done strictly confidentially;
  9. Convenience for those wishing to acquire citizenship of Grenada - documents are submitted electronically, remotely.

Investment directions for obtaining citizenship of Grenada:

How can you get citizenship?

Since 2013, there are 2 main options for acquiring Grenada citizenship through investment - donate money to the state or invest it in real estate.


  1. Investments in the National Fund of the State

This is an irrevocable contribution to the state fund "Grants" - transformations;

  • 150 thousand dollars for 1 person;
  • 200 thousand dollars for a family application of 4 people.
Investments in real estate can be of two types:
  1. purchase of a share in an object under construction - invest 220 thousand (at the same time there is an opportunity to relax with the whole family);
  2. purchase of private real estate - a minimum investment of 350 thousand dollars.

Investments must be kept in the state for at least 3 years from the date of granting citizenship. 

Not all real estate can be sold under the citizenship program, but only those properties that are approved by the state for this purpose, most often these are hotels under construction.

From practice it is clear that most often they use the second method, they buy a share in an object under construction. There are several reasons for this. When buying real estate, the bulk of your investment is returned. You can sell it even after 5 years, and you will keep your passport. Perhaps this buyer will be the same participant in the investment program as you are. The project is under the full control of the hotel chain, so you don't have to worry about these investments. The property is bought once. Also, you can rest with your whole family once a year for 2 weeks in a 5-star hotel for free and receive an income of about 3%. For the purpose of further residence, permanent residence, no one invests by and large. Managing real estate located on another continent is quite difficult and problematic. And if the main goal is to obtain citizenship, then why overpay. It will not be profitable for the next participant in the citizenship program to buy your property at a cost of less than 220 thousand dollars, because. then he will not be a participant in the project, so you will not lose the cost of investment. 

Why rarely choose the option of a non-refundable contribution through subsidies? Few people speak, but it is necessary to know. When making a payment from a personal account, you will need to indicate that you are making a contribution in order to obtain citizenship. Not all clients like it and these conditions are suitable at the present time. The correspondent account is located in New York, which further complicates the process of conducting this transaction.    

Not everyone can own real estate abroad or take part in equity projects. The participant of the program must be accredited by the state. 

Previously, it was risky to invest in an unknown country. Now more and more people are investing in real estate - this is a source of income.

The process for obtaining a passport, citizenship of Grenada looks something like this:
  1. Fill out a special questionnaire and wait for the assessment of your data on obtaining citizenship. Citizenship is issued to persons over 18 years of age;
  1. Choosing an investment option;
  2. Submission of the necessary documents according to the list, preparation of a dossier;

A personal file of your family is submitted for consideration, experts carefully check everything and make their decision - approved or not.

  1. Payment of the state fee for the application, payment of the state fee;
  2. Consideration of the dossier by the citizenship department within 2 months;
  3. There is no need to invest immediately, it is possible to first get approval for citizenship, and then buy real estate;
  4. From the moment of submitting an application to obtaining a passport, on average, 4-5 months are needed. Less than 3 months the verification of documents does not occur. If you are told that this is possible - do not believe it.

Steps in the Citizenship Process

  1. Evaluation of the possibility of obtaining citizenship using databases, passports are being checked;
  2. choice of investment option;
  3. preparation of the personal file of the investor and his family;
  4. verification of documents - no criminal record, assessment of reputational risks, attitude to political activities and the source of funds, etc.

As soon as the package of documents is ready (it must be legalized, translated into the required language), the data is transferred to internal banking or state control. After the above steps, pay the principal amount for the property, it does not need to be bought before being approved for citizenship.

Upon initial approval, further work on payment takes place:

  • application fee;
  • state fees;
  • payment Due Diligence - consideration of the dossier by the State Department.

Upon receipt of official approval for the issuance of citizenship, it is necessary to pay the principal amount for the property and pay the required state fees.

Additional investment costs will be required for: 

- government fees;

- bank charges;

- legal services.

The amount of all payments will depend on the composition of the family, on the age of family members and the degree of relationship of each of them. 

In order to get the calculation of these fees, you can leave a request on the site indicating the necessary data on your family members.

The primary passport of Grenada is issued for 5 years. After the expiration date, the passport will have to be changed to a permanent one. Passports change at the age of 20 and 45. A state fee is paid for the replacement of a passport, no additional investment costs are required.