How to become a citizen of Vanuatu through investment

How to become a citizen of Vanuatu through investment

How to become a citizen of Vanuatu through investment

Vanuatu is a Republic in Melanesia. These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia. Vanuatu is an agricultural country, although the tourism industry has become an important part of the economy. But the main thing is that Vanuatu citizenship provides ample opportunities:

  • crossing the borders of about 100 countries without a visa;
  • preferential taxation;
  • The Republic does not disclose information about new citizens;
  • there is no need to reside in the territory of the state.

The Vanuatu passport allows you to apply for a long-term visa to stay in the US or Canada. It will take a little time to obtain Vanuatu citizenship. The main condition is investments in the economy of the Republic. It is through the investment contribution that citizenship is obtained.

The Parliament of the Republic issued a document regulating the project of investments in the state. Also, the conditions for participation in this program are regulated in article 112 of the Law on Citizenship. To obtain citizenship of Vanuatu, you will need to irrevocably invest at least 130 thousand US dollars in the state fund. The investor receives citizenship for himself, as well as for additional amounts - for the husband / wife, minor children, and for parents.

What issues can be resolved by obtaining Vanuatu citizenship

The conditions for investors to obtain a Vanuatu passport are simplified as much as possible. The investment project is designed to make obtaining Vanuatu citizenship a quick and easy process. You can get a Vanuatu passport in 7 steps:

  1. an application on behalf of the applicant can be submitted by a company that officially represents the interests of investors;
  2. the required papers are sent to the Republic for verification;
  3. after the first study of the package of documents, if agreed, the remaining papers are submitted;
  4. a quarter of the mandatory investment amount is transferred;
  5. all documents are examined by the Commission;
  6. after a positive response, the applicant is obliged to transfer the balance of the amount within 3 months;
  7. the last step is the oath and the passport itself.

The process of obtaining a passport does not take long. It can take 1,5 months from collecting and submitting documents to taking the oath. Consider the advantages of having citizenship of the Republic as a second.

Three important facts

With the Passport of Vanuatu, this is the possibility of visa-free entry to at least 96 countries. Such a document will serve as a visa when crossing borders and staying in the territory of the United Kingdom for up to six months. Also, a citizen of Vanuatu can easily get to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Obtaining a US visa is a complex procedure. And for holders of citizenship of a distant Republic, this will not be a problem. They will immediately open entry for a period of 5 years for treatment or a short stay for the purpose of business meetings, as well as for tourism. This will allow you to stay in the United States for up to 6 months a year, and engage in various activities:

  • move between states
  • conduct business negotiations;
  • attend various training programs;
  • undergo treatment;
  • spend vacation.

Businessmen, after obtaining citizenship, will benefit from registering their international company in Vanuatu. Having made a contribution of $ 300 annually, the organizer is exempt from all types of taxes for 2 decades, both on inheritance and gifts.

Who can apply for naturalization

Citizenship applicants must meet certain criteria in order to be approved. These include:

  • coming of age;
  • no criminal record;
  • good health;
  • evidence of legality of income.

After making the minimum contribution, 250 thousand US dollars should remain in the bank accounts of the applicant. The investor is guaranteed citizenship for all his first-line relatives: wife/husband, father/mother, and minor family members. Also adult children, but financially supported, for example, students.

What costs should be taken into account when naturalizing

The contribution must be made to the National Development Fund of the Republic. This is a non-refundable amount from which it is impossible to receive income in the future. The money from this Fund goes to the economic development of the state, and is also necessary to eliminate the consequences of various natural disasters.

What payments do you need to be prepared for:

  • direct investment contribution;
  • verification before approval - $5000;
  • tax fees - $130.

The amounts quoted relate to one applicant. If spouses want to obtain citizenship, then the amount of investment increases by 20 thousand dollars, and another 15 thousand for the third family member.

This investment program is the fastest, for such a period it is only possible to receive Vanuatu citizenship. And this is in the absence of any requirements for the applicant - there is no need to live in the country, or take an exam for knowledge of the language, history, and so on.

Positive sides 

Naturalization by investment is a fast method, and the conditions for participation are not difficult to fulfill. There are Caribbean programs where applicants may be denied. Then the citizenship of the island Republic will be the way out, which opens up the following advantages:

  • confidentiality of information about new citizens;
  • the acquired citizenship is permanent, and even inherited;
  • the passport of the Republic is recognized and welcomed throughout the civilized world;
  • the possibility of opening accounts with all world banks and brokerage companies;
  • there are no increased requirements for a new citizen - the need to stay in the country, permanent residence, doing business or knowing the language.

The main advantage will be the ability to travel visa-free. The Republic welcomes and supports its new citizens who register and conduct business of international level. Citizenship of Vanuatu makes it possible to simultaneously become the owner of a residence permit in some European countries.

Citizenship Scenario

The process of naturalization can be conditionally divided into several stages. It is worth considering that without the help of an official representative of the investment program, obtaining citizenship will not work. How is the procedure:

  • a preliminary check of the applicant's documents helps to identify all the risks of a possible refusal;
  • if inconsistencies with the conditions of participation in the program are identified, experienced lawyers will help to eliminate them;
  • registration of the first package of documents;
  • the documentation is being checked by the immigration authority of the Republic;
  • after a positive result of the check, personal and financial papers are being prepared for the second stage;
  • verification of the second package by the Selection Committee begins after making 25% of the investment amount;
  • if approved, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 90 days after the result, in case of refusal, the first tranche will be returned to the applicant.

Immediate issuance of a passport takes place after taking the oath. The company representing the investment program organizes the procedure for taking the oath in a place convenient for the applicant. That is, for this there is no need to fly to the islands. The Ambassador conducts the procedure for taking the oath at the embassy.

What determines the amount of the contribution

The amount of investment depends on several factors. One applicant - the minimum will be $ 130 thousand, plus the cost of fees and registration of the program. The following categories are paid in the following amounts:

  • two spouses - $150;
  • three family members - $165;
  • a family of four — $180. 

Fifth, sixth and beyond - plus 15 thousand dollars. Investments are irrevocable, they will not bring personal income in the future.

Applicant Criteria

Short terms for obtaining citizenship and simple collection of documents are the advantages of the naturalization program for the investor. But you need to meet several requirements:

  • reach the age of 18;
  • not be condemned in the past;
  • pure criminal history in the present;
  • document the legality of their income.

Checks are carried out at several levels. In order to minimize refusal risks, you should entrust paperwork and their preliminary verification to experienced lawyers of the official representative of the investment program.

Package of documents

It is convenient that all the necessary documents can be provided through an agent, without a personal presence in Vanuatu. What papers do you need to collect:

  • main and international passport;
  • certificate of good conduct;
  • final medical examination;
  • marriage certificate, if citizenship is issued for a married couple;
  • birth certificates for minor children;
  • a document stating that adult children and parents over 50 years of age are dependent on the applicant.

After checking the availability of all necessary documents, their correct execution, certification of copies, and compliance with the procedure, the papers are sent to the Commission. Then the investor spends the first tranche in the amount of 25% of the total investment.

Non-standard solutions 

Lawyers can help you get out of difficult situations if everything is not going smoothly with the documents. Obtaining an address and tax residence in Vanuatu, arranging a residence permit in Europe, difficulties in verifying official income - all these situations require individual consideration.

Possible solutions for some problems:

  • if it is not possible to pay the official investment fee, then you can do it through the sponsorship function;
  • Vanuatu citizenship becomes a reliable stepping stone to quickly obtaining a B-1 or B-2 US visa;
  • the passport of the Republic opens up the opportunity to study in the UK and receive a scholarship there;

Many borders are open to Vanuatu passport holders - visa-free travel with 126 countries, benefits for obtaining tourist visas, the opportunity to stay in the USA, Great Britain, and Canada for six months.

Why is citizenship beneficial?

Traveling around the world, student benefits and scholarships in developed countries - these are not all the benefits that open up to the owner of citizenship of the island Republic. Vanuatu is a distant island, which is distinguished by a wonderful climate, environmental cleanliness, and a calm social environment. But this is not what the citizenship of the country is valued for. The republic is a member of many world organizations, thanks to which it has a visa-free regime with more than a hundred countries.

What is important for Russians who will receive Vanuatu citizenship:

  • do not need visas to enter many countries;
  • fast obtaining of tourist visas to the USA - without long consideration;
  • the ability to conduct business, use an offshore zone;
  • opening an international company;
  • accounts in any world banks.

The tax policy of the country is loyal to new citizens. In Vanuatu there is no tax on global income, luxury, stock exchange profits, interest, dividends, inheritance, and so on. When registering an international class company, its owner is exempt from taxation for a twenty-year period. He must make an annual contribution to the state budget in the amount of $300.

Such benefits and advantages fully justify the amount of the investment contribution. The opportunities that the citizenship of an island state opens up will undoubtedly change the life of a Russian citizen for the better. Freedom of movement around the world, the ability to conduct a profitable business on a global scale, confidence in the future and the future of your children - these are the advantages of obtaining Vanuatu citizenship.