Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship

Vanuatu Citizenship

There are many powers that offer excellent incentives for gaining access to the ranks of their own inhabitants. But there are many advantages of moving to a distant Pacific territory, with our special assistance. Now you will see all this.

Why is the citizenship of little-known Vanuatu promising at all?

He has a chain of virtues that are valuable to most potential settlers:

  •  very high speed;
  •  the taxation of foreign profits is excluded;
  •  anonymity of delivery (in other capitals they do not receive notifications);
  •  the need to live there for the specified time is not fixed, even just to come to achieve the desired. 

This is not counting the ability to visit a significant fraction of the planet automatically. We clarify: although the facilitated entry into the Schengen zone is no longer available, other checkpoints are easily overcome. So, Great Britain is open, and you can come to the USA as a tourist for ten years. It is easier to travel to Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa. Flights to Australian airports will take only three to four hours.

Citizenship today at Vanuatu issued until the end of life; moreover, it passes by inheritance to the relatives of those who acquired it (if these are their immediate ancestors, but not carriers of a different degree of kinship). The categories of relatives allowed together are stable, they do not intend to expand or narrow them. The scheme itself is extremely flexible, suitable even for those who were denied somewhere else. Nor will it be a disaster if any Caribbean investment program fails. Various banks, brokers will gladly accept transfers from outside. The solid level of functioning of state officials of the archipelago has long become famous - it is no worse than in Europe. But even this will not let you ignore the responsible support. The rejection of the initiative is inevitable in case of gross errors - accidental or deliberate distortion, the dubious nature of investments, the invalidity of individual papers. It doesn't hurt to check!

The softness of politics is expressed in the exclusion of the test of knowledge of history. Do not want to leave the usual latitudes? Unprincipled! But it will be more comfortable to conclude contracts with foreign trade partners.

Additional relevant stuff

This republic is the only one in the region that agrees to add to its population by investing in a state fund. Let us emphasize that the state program has been launched since the 1990s. The secrecy of information is not an exaggeration; This directive is expressly formulated by legislators. Legal regulations state that the resettlement regulator is not authorized to notify any other nations about joining investment projects, the very desire to become naturalized. The relevant regulations were reinforced back in 2019, so there is no reason to fear their cancellation.

Starting without a flight is not a myth. Wealthy foreigners do not fly there, communicating directly with the consular office located nearby. Fiscal policy also seems attractive. Investors here do not make many external, domestic payments. Let's say, exempted from taxation:

  •  receipts of individuals;
  •  inheritance transactions;
  •  capital gains;
  •  export of funds;
  •  proceeds from exchange activity. 

Presence in businesses is "invisible" to foreign governments. According to the position of the local administration, they will not be able to claim the financial statements upon request. It is also impossible to find out any reliable reports about the owners, beneficiaries.

Legal grounds 

So, the reasons for such a step are undeniable. And our purchase order citizenship from scratch to Vanuatu makes it even clearer. Entry into the Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP) involves payments. Their value (dollar):

  •  130000 for a single client;
  •  150000 for a married couple;
  •  165000 for a couple with a child;
  •  180000 for a family with two children (moreover, relatives are not called to swear, confirmed connections + a certificate of naturalization are enough).

Caution: The quoted rates do not include an additional fee for administrative work. In a typical configuration, a total of 200000-240000 "greens" are collected.

Applicants will have to meet certain criteria set by Vanuatu law, in particular, to prove the legitimacy of each channel of enrichment. When doubts arise, the process can be suspended, completely frozen. This is an obvious argument in favor of highly professional support. Those who have studied the procedure from the inside, who know what pitfalls may lie in wait for enthusiasts, will easily step over all obstacles. 

Turning into an islander will be allowed if you confirm the absence of any conflicts with the police in the jurisdiction where the candidate lives. Such a block is quite understandable: despite the attraction of deposits from behind the cordon, no one wants to open free passage to crime. Ordinary law-abiding people need not worry!

But there are still a few barriers to entering the event. So, only adults under the age of 65 are eligible to apply. They will be required to deposit at least $250 in the bank at the start. Finally, the path is blocked:

  •  the Syrians;
  •  Iranians;
  •  Iraqis;
  •  North Koreans
  •  Yemenis. 

The severity of claims to reliability, the origin of money are not characterized, more often they are approached gently - only the submitted documentation will be checked. They will not prescribe to abandon the former fatherland - they are allowed to leave it if two passports are allowed there. An important innovation is the appropriation of state ownership for bitcoins. In 2023, it will cost 44 cryptocurrency “coins”. Investors immediately acquire an equal position with the indigenous people, they are subject to all the same constitutional prerogatives and duties. It will not work out autonomously, since this is clearly prohibited by law, you can only resort to the good services of sophisticated intermediaries. 

The Financial Department will look at everything that proves your identity. Special Purpose goes further: we get acquainted with the extended list required in the later phases. It is necessary to transfer the given tariff in two steps - 25 (75%), respectively.

​About the assistance program and related questions

Our company is determined to assist not only in acquiring citizenship tiny Vanuatu. There are also special offers! For 25000 conventional units, you can simultaneously grab a Slovenian residence permit with the registration of a newly-made commercial enterprise. Pay 30 thousand USD - and at your disposal will be not an organization created "from scratch", but already a full-fledged business.

For your information: the rules require new Vanuatuans to personally take the oath. No remote formats are obviously illegitimate. Our project allows us to get around this difficulty. You can declare allegiance to the Vanuatu flag at any point where the consul meets. There are no such consulates in the post-Soviet space, travel to Brussels is unrealistic or very difficult - so it’s more realistic to go to:

  •  Hong Kong;
  •  Shanghai;
  •  Beirut;
  •  Kuala Lumpur.

An alternative is a solemn ceremony in any location that has been preemptively agreed upon - the main thing is that a diplomatic representative be present there on the scheduled date.

By investing in the island economy, it will be possible to reduce the waiting time to 45 days. The set of special documents is also minimal. As already mentioned, an insurmountable barrier can be a conviction for a criminal offense + search - no matter if it is international or domestic. This moment is controlled scrupulously, trying to bypass it is almost useless. With regards to economic legality, they will especially carefully check the sources of investment financing. Applicants, in addition to the applicants themselves, are also entitled to be their spouses, their children under the age of twenty-five (or indefinitely - in case of disability), as well as parents who have crossed the half-century mark.

Relocation, language acquisition - on a voluntary basis. The only condition is to renew the term every 10 years. Otherwise, the schedule of visits is allowed to be chosen at will.

The cost is calculated individually. Finally, it will be possible to paint the scale of expenses after calculating taxes and ancillary costs. The site has prepared an online calculator that will provide an accurate calculation of this parameter. Applicants to the resettlement agency will be asked to provide:

  •  civil + international passport;
  •  reinforcing the authenticity of marriage;
  •  birth certificates;
  •  certificate of good faith before the court;
  •  the conclusion of doctors about the state of health;
  •  something that justifies material solvency. 

We emphasize that all these are not our demands, they are put forward by the migration department; we can only help on the road to a favorable outcome. Simultaneously with the submission of an application and a scheduled documentary set, money is transferred. Cooperation with the company guarantee is not easy to get passport invested in assets Vanuatu, and do it without unnecessary worries, the risk of missing.

If you are wondering what professional assistance is, then everything is simple - it is:

  •  detailed explanation;
  •  calculation of the required amount of banknotes;
  •  simplified collection of the document array;
  •  the fastest resolution of the problem in the end.

For a lot of people, re-registration in exotic regions is a way to quickly and easily form a residence permit within the EU. We have taken this into account, and at least 50% of the clientele have successfully used this option. If you are more concerned with operating in Oceania itself, with a valid address and tax resident status, then this is also available. Please note that from November 2022, the visa-free regime for holders of Vanuatu permits issued after 2014 is no longer valid in the European Union, and from February 4, 2023, this restriction has been extended to all Vanuatu. But on the other hand, trips to the United Kingdom and a number of countries in Asia, Africa and South America are still preserved. 

Naturally, the law requires not just to show "some official income." Officials will study bank statements for 36 months before applying, as well as a list of purchased, sold housing, land, non-residential real estate over the past decade. With regard to the transfer fee, it is non-refundable. 

It should be borne in mind that the duration of the issuance of a passport form does not cover the preparation of the package itself. Since the deposit is paid one hundred percent after the preliminary approval of the candidacy, the threat of losing currency in case of refusal is negligible. It is our duty to exclude him completely by presenting the applicant in the best possible light. It must also be remembered that the nuances of the records of non-conviction may affect the positive / negative decision. Experts will immediately determine what opinion civil servants will lean towards.

More about the positive aspects of the service

Only skilled lawyers are involved in the state. They guide consumers step by step from start to finish. The place where the customer will swear and take the coveted "book" can be chosen independently. You do not have to delve deeply into the intricacies of opening an account, transferring the due cash or non-cash there. If necessary, we will also help in buying real estate on the islands (consultations will help to avoid many non-obvious complications). The compiled picture is verified against several databases. We will notice the most insignificant flaw instantly, correct it, save us from unpleasant embarrassment due to indiscretion, implicit traps.

At the recommendatory stage, professionals will consider the situation of a particular applicant; they will be able to develop a customized business product. He will certainly satisfy the employees of the state department - which will already bring success closer. There are no identical persons to the limit, the documentary trail is also dissimilar ... but an experienced lawyer will help out!

The most slippery stage - the advance coordination of the plan - goes without problems. Further, the consultants will thoroughly understand each piece of paper, find out whether it meets the norms of investment practice. Passport  to stay within the borders Vanuatu handed over in person on the day of the commitment of allegiance. If suddenly something changes, by subscribing to our news, you will always be in the know!