2022 Citizenship of Grenada
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2022 Citizenship of Grenada

Citizenship by Investment
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Grenada Citizenship

Widely known as "Spice Island", Grenada brings to your attention exquisite, mesmerizing embankments, highlands and hills. These beauties are just a part of the many seductive landscapes, and there is a great chance not to resist visiting the three most beautiful islands. Among the advantages and reasons for attracting investors to Grenada, there are also underwater sports, sailing, chic restaurants, and breathtaking beach lines.

Distinctive features and advantages:

  • prompt registration, no more than four months;
  • inclusion of children under the age of 25;
  • inclusion of parents over the age of 65;
  • no requirements for direct residence;
  • no need for a personal presence in Grenada to submit an application;
  • no requirement for interviews, education, management experience;
  • lack of a visa when entering the territory of more than 140 countries, including the Schengen area;
  • in accordance with the agreement signed by Grenada with the United States, citizenship of Grenada provides the opportunity to carry out labor activities, including business, as well as reside in the United States;
  • worldwide income tax exemption;
  • no requirement for passing the language proficiency exam;
  • registration of an official passport of Grenada within 4 months.


How to obtain citizenship of Grenada:

1. Real estate

By investing in approved properties.

The size of the investment must be at least $ 350 thousand, the funds must belong to the direct applicant for at least 4 years. For each next person in the care of the applicant, the amount of additional investment is $ 25 thousand.

2. Non-returnable investment

  • US $ 150 - for the main applicant;
  • US $ 200 - for the main applicant + 000 persons in his care

Expenses for verification of involvement in crime

  • US $ 5 - for main applicant, dependents over 000 years of age
  • US $ 2 - Children aged 000 to 12

Government duty

  • US $ 3 - for the main applicant, dependents over the age of 000;
  • US $ 2 - Children under the age of 000.

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