Saint Lucia citizenship. Perhaps the best passport for you

Saint Lucia citizenship. Perhaps the best passport for you

The option to obtain a second citizenship in Saint Lucia is very tempting for Russians who dream of living on the islands, as well as for those who are looking for a winter refuge from the cold Russian climate. In winter, when much of Russia is covered with snow, Saint Lucia has a tropical holiday season. At the same time, it is quite possible to obtain a second citizenship in this state. But first, a little about what this wonderful country is like.

Saint Lucia Citizenship

For those who have forgotten their school geography lessons, recall: Saint Lucia is located in the heart of the Lesser Antilles, located in the Caribbean Sea. The island's area is relatively small: a little over 600 square kilometers. On this territory, there are not only picturesque beaches, but also large forests with huge evergreen ferns, majestic waterfalls, numerous volcanoes and geysers. Thanks to the latter, many mineral springs were formed on the island, the healing power of which is known throughout the world.

Saint Lucia Citizenship

Why is Saint Lucia interesting?

Saint Lucia is considered the best place to fish in the Caribbean. It is not for nothing that marlin fishing tournaments are held here, attracting fishermen from all over the world, as well as various sport fishing competitions. Since the island itself is of volcanic origin, the coastal waters are very deep here. This feature also provides a unique diving experience. There are especially many great diving spots in the western part of the island, where the waters are calmer than in the east. Another great fun for the extremists of St. Lucia is the descent into the volcanic craters. Lovers of yachting will not be bored on the island: sailing regattas are regularly held here. In February, residents of Saint Lucia and tourists alike have fun at a large-scale carnival, striking in its brilliance, and in May, musicians from all over the world come here for a jazz festival. 

As, probably, it is already clear, it is the tourism industry that is considered the main "breadwinner" of St. Lucia. Most of the locals are involved in one way or another. Those involved in the tourism business have the highest salaries here. At the same time, agriculture is also developed on the island, although earnings in it are slightly lower. In general, Saint Lucia is a country with a very high standard of living. In addition, the inhabitants of the island are considered citizens of the Western world and can easily move to the USA, Canada, Australia or other countries.

Why is the Saint Lucia citizenship and passport program interesting?

At the same time, Saint Lucia is a country in which the second citizenship is recognized as legal. It is easy enough to get it by resorting to the investment program, which is considered the most effective in the Caribbean region. Let us dwell in a little more detail on how to obtain a second citizenship and live in Saint Lucia, using all the rights and opportunities of a citizen of this country.

First good news: in order to apply for second citizenship in Saint Lucia, personal presence is not required. That is, you do not need to come to the island in order to complete the documents. Also, those who receive citizenship of this state are not required to permanently reside in Saint Lucia. Obtaining a second citizenship in this country eliminates the tedious passing of interviews with government officials. In addition, in order to become a citizen of Saint Lucia, you do not need any specific education or management experience.

There are, of course, requirements for potential citizens of Saint Lucia, but they are minimal: a clean criminal record and good health. And, of course, one of the investment requirements must be fulfilled.

Options for obtaining citizenship and passport of Saint Lucia:

There are several options. You can simply make an irrevocable financial contribution to the National Economic Fund of Saint Lucia. For one person it is 200 thousand dollars, for a family with two children - 250 thousand dollars. This method is the simplest, but very costly: after all, you will have to say goodbye to money forever.

Second option: invest in real estate in Saint Lucia. It implies a purchase in the amount of 300 thousand dollars, excluding taxes and transaction fees. But with such an investment, it will not be possible to immediately become a citizen of the state: to obtain citizenship, it is required that the property be owned for five or more years.

Saint Lucia citizenship and passport

The third option, the most expensive: business investment. It implies a contribution to the project in the amount of $ 3,5 million and the creation of at least three jobs. This is for one person, while two are required to contribute from $ 6 million and six jobs. At the same time, there are certain restrictions on what kind of business it should be. In order to become a citizen of Saint Lucia under this program, you need to create socially significant enterprises: for example, open a specialized restaurant, a processing plant for agricultural products, a pharmaceutical company, a research or educational institution. You can also invest in the construction of roads and highways, bridges, ports and marinas.

And finally, the fourth option, which is quite interesting, is to invest in government bonds. To become a citizen of Saint Lucia, you will need to invest half a million dollars for one person, 550 thousand dollars for a family with two children.

Although obtaining a second citizenship in Saint Lucia requires a certain (and quite considerable investment), it pays off. After all, the passport of a citizen of Saint Lucia allows you not only to enjoy all the natural benefits of a tropical island without hindrance, but also to travel without visas to more than a hundred countries, including the European Union. At the same time, you will not have to pay taxes on income received in other countries.