Saint Lucia landmarks. Overview of the most interesting

Saint Lucia landmarks. Overview of the most interesting

The island state of Saint Lucia, located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, has a very small area. By its size, this island is four times smaller than Moscow. Despite this, there are many attractions in Saint Lucia. These include both natural areas - mountain rivers with waterfalls, spacious reserves and parks, beaches of extraordinary beauty, and cultural and historical sites.
Saint Lucia, Columbus Square

Saint Lucia landmarks

Many sights of Saint Lucia are concentrated in the capital of the state, the city of Castries. The main and perhaps the most famous of them is Columbus Square. As you know, it was this famous navigator who discovered the island of Saint Lucia at the beginning of the 200th century. Above the square that bears his name rises a giant four-hundred-year-old adobe tree, in the shade of which both tourists and locals love to picnic. Also on Columbus Square in Castries is the majestic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which was built about 12 years ago. And nearby there is an open market, famous for the abundance of exotic fruits: there are no less than XNUMX species of bananas alone!

Castries is also home to another famous landmark of Saint Lucia - Pigeon Island National Park. The flora is extremely rich here: the park contains almost all types of plants growing on the island. But in addition, this place is a reminder of the protracted war between England and France, during which the island changed hands 14 times until it finally fell to Great Britain, becoming its colony. In Pigeon Island, there are the ruins of a military garrison, which was built in the 90th century, as well as a fortress, which the French began to build, and XNUMX years later were completed by the British.

Those who are interested in history and military battles should definitely visit the fortifications of La Tok, which are considered the best in Saint Lucia. This complex fortification system, which includes numerous batteries with underground bunkers, casemates and mysterious underground rooms, was built by the British in 1888. Today the La Toc battery is a unique museum. In one of its bunkers there is a large exhibition of ancient bottles, and in the casemates there is a botanical garden. Near the fortifications there is a magnificent clean beach and a golf club where you can have a great time.

By the way, for lovers of active entertainment, Saint Lucia is a real paradise. Here you can indulge in all kinds of water sports, from yachting to windsurfing. The island will also delight those who like to dive into the depths. Diving enthusiasts will discover here a luxurious underwater world with incredible beauty of landscapes and extraordinary representatives of marine flora living in the depths.

But back to the landmarks of Saint Lucia. Among other museums on the island, La Pavilion is interesting - the so-called Royal Museum. It features a stunning collection of handcrafted jewelry, paintings and arts and crafts. And in the National Archives of Saint Lucia, located in the building of the old barracks, there is a permanent exhibition of old photographs, postcards and maps related to the history of the island state.

Interesting and the most ancient city in Saint Lucia - Soufriere, founded by the French in 1746. Many houses here are decorated with famous Indian carvings, reminiscent of the pre-Columbian era. Near the ancient city is the extinct volcano Petit Piton, in the vicinity of which there are many sulfur springs. Tourists love these places for the opportunity to visit literally a hundred meters from the volcanic crater.

Saint Lucia

Another attraction of Saint Lucia that every tourist considers it his duty to visit is Rainforest, or, in other words, the National Rain Forest. It occupies a vast territory of more than seven hectares and is famous for its fauna: about half a thousand rare animals and birds are found here. And the air here is incredibly clean, so even those who wander through this forest all day come out refreshed.

Among other places that tourists have chosen in Saint Lucia are the two small fishing villages of Anse la Rey and Canaris, where you can buy more than twenty species of exotic fish, and the mineral springs Diamond Falls and Mineral Butts, where you can relax and recuperate.

It is difficult to cover all the attractions of Saint Lucia in one small overview. To see all of them, a two-week tourist trip will not be enough, for this you need to settle on a Caribbean island for a much longer period. Which, by the way, is not so difficult to do: after all Saint Lucia has one of the best second citizenship programs in the Caribbean. To obtain citizenship in this island state, you can use various investment options: it can be an irrevocable contribution to the country's National Economic Fund, and investment in real estate or business, and investment in government bonds.

Second citizenship in this island nation will give you the right not only to enjoy all the sights of Saint Lucia, but also to receive a number of tax incentives and benefits to expand your business.

Remember the song “Wonder Island, Wonder Island, Living on It Is Easy and Simple”? So, these words fully apply to Saint Lucia!