How to move to live in the Caribbean. Cost of obtaining Caribbean Citizenship

How to move to live in the Caribbean. Cost of obtaining Caribbean Citizenship

If you have a goal of obtaining a second citizenship, then the Caribbean countries can be a great option. There is a favorable climate and good ecology here. As a citizen of a Caribbean country, you can get a lot of benefits. The second passport is an opportunity to live in a favorable climate in one of the developed countries.

Caribbean Citizenship

In the Caribbean, you can acquire citizenship of Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and the State of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The latter option is quite popular, while St. Lucia is just beginning to attract wealthy people. Looking to relocate to the Caribbean? Then choose one of five options.

Saint Lucia: the center of luxury tourism

Saint Lucia citizenship

Saint Lucia has a tropical trade wind climate, endless beaches, reef diving and national parks. In this country, the import and export of currency is not limited. Saint Lucia has rainforests and picturesque coves that can be admired all year round. The beaches are quite secluded here.

Why is it worth paying attention to this particular state? Saint Lucia includes addicted children under the age of 25 and parents over 65 in the investment program. When submitting an application, there is no need to visit the country - the documents will be reviewed within three months.

The applicant is not required to have managerial experience and higher education. He doesn't have to go through the interview. If the applicant is running a business, then the citizenship of Saint Lucia will be attractive to him because there is no income tax in the world. At the same time, a citizen of a state in the Caribbean can travel without a visa to hundreds of countries.

Cost of participation in the Caribbean Citizenship program:

With an irrevocable contribution to the National Economic Fund, one applicant pays $ 200, an applicant with a spouse - $ 235, a family with three dependents - $ 250. You can also obtain citizenship by investing in real estate 300 thousand dollars or buying bonds in the amount of 500-550 thousand dollars. Citizenship is possible through the creation of a business with an investment of $ 3,5 million.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Do you want to live in the Caribbean? Verified option - Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis. By participating in investment programs, you can get a second passport, and with it - the possibility of visa-free travel to hundreds of countries and no income tax worldwide. Saint Kitts and Nevis are two small islands with a fertile climate. It is warm all year round, there are beaches and natural beauty.

To move to the Caribbean, becoming a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis, you need to participate in one of the government programs. The applicant does not need to travel to the islands. Dependents can participate in the program - elderly parents, spouse and children under 25 years old. There is no need to pass an interview, management experience or higher education is not required for the applicant.

Among the disadvantages is the need to check the legality of the invested funds and the consideration of the application within 10 months. This option is not for those people who are in a hurry to obtain a second citizenship.

A passport can be issued for investment in the sugar industry. The amount of investment for one applicant is $ 250, for a family with three dependents - $ 300, with five dependents - $ 350, with a family - $ 450. An alternative option is to buy a home in the amount of 400 thousand dollars or more.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda has caught the attention of celebrities. Famous persons have the citizenship of the country. If you want to live in the Caribbean, then you can give preference to this particular state. There is everything for a good rest: beaches, clean air and a tropical climate.

Antigua and Barbuda has been attracting citizens through an investment program since 2012. If you are planning to move to the Caribbean urgently, then the state can offer you a second passport in 3-4 months - this is exactly how much time it takes to review the documents.

Investments in the National Development Fund today amount to 200 thousand dollars - the amount of investments has been reduced by 50 thousand dollars. The non-refundable contribution is sufficient to obtain a passport for the applicant, spouse or spouse and two dependents. You can also get citizenship by buying real estate for 400 thousand dollars. We are talking about certain objects. An alternative option is to create a business with an investment of $ 1,5 million.

The Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica should be chosen for its unspoiled nature: clean beaches, tropical forests and a healthy climate. Here you can settle for a long time or live only a few days a year. Dominica has wonderful diving sites and mountain ranges.

Citizenship opens visa-free travel to 95 countries. In addition, non-residents do not need to pay tax. The applicant is not required to have any education at all. He also does not have to go through an interview and confirm the presence of managerial experience. The program includes dependent children up to 25 years old, citizenship is also possible for unmarried daughters up to 25 years old with HIV.

The cost of investment programs is more affordable than in other Caribbean countries - it is enough for one applicant to invest 100 thousand dollars. A family with a wife and two children will cost 175 thousand dollars. If children are over 18 years old, then the amount of investment should be 200 thousand dollars. Additional dependents will have to pay extra $ 50.

Grenada: Spice Island

Planning to move to the Caribbean? Grenada is a great option. Having a passport of this state, you can travel to 100 countries without a visa. There is no income tax worldwide. It is possible to do business in the United States through an E-2 visa.

The applicant's documents are considered within 4 months. You do not need to visit the island to submit documents. The application can include dependent children, spouse and parents. The applicant is not required to have education or management experience.

How much does it cost? To get the opportunity to live in the Caribbean, having received the citizenship of Grenada, you need to invest 350 thousand dollars in real estate or 250 thousand dollars in the country's Development Fund. After purchase, the property must have belonged to the applicant for 4 years.