Moscow Saint Lucia. All options for how to get to Saint Lucia

Moscow Saint Lucia. All options for how to get to Saint Lucia

The road to Saint Lucia, an island state in the Caribbean, is not difficult: and although there is no direct flight between Moscow and the island, you can choose the most suitable option with a transfer. There are various ways to get to this tropical country - via the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Traveling through the United States is a convenient and profitable option. In this case, you will have to take flight B6881 New York - Saint Lucia (Hewanorra), which is operated by JetBlue Airways 5 times a week: on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Departure time from John F. Kennedy Airport is 08:16, arrival at St. Lucia Airport is 12:57. Average journey time is 4 hours 41 minutes. It is possible to get to New York from Moscow by Aeroflot flights: the airline makes two daily flights. So, the departure time of flight SU 100 from Sheremetyevo is 09:20, arrival at John F. Kennedy airport is 12:05 (local time). Thus, the travel time will be 9 hours 45 minutes. Aeroflot's second flight, SU 102, departs Sheremetyevo at 14:25 and arrives at John F. Kennedy Airport at 17:20 (local time). Travel time is 9 hours 55 minutes. The total cost of the flight is about 35 rubles. In addition, you can always find connecting flights to New York by choosing the optimal connecting time.

Saint Lucia

All options for how to get to Saint Lucia

In Saint Lucia, most flights, including flights from New York, arrive at Hewanorra Airport. Hewanorra is the island's second largest airport. It is located in View Fort, which is 3,7 kilometers from the airport. The capital of the island nation, Castries, is 56 km from Hewanorra Airport. Immediately after landing, you can book a sea trip around St. Lucia or fly around the island by helicopter. In addition, by helicopter you can not only explore the territory of the island: visitors are provided with a helicopter transfer service. It should be noted that the flight is confirmed on the eve of the trip, and it is possible to take only hand luggage on board the helicopter (the luggage will be delivered in a separate car). In case of bad weather, a transfer by car is provided.

It is also possible to get to the island with 1 stop using the services of British Airways. From London (Gatwick) there is flight BA 2159, departure - 10:00, arrival in St. Lucia (Hewanorra) at 13:45, travel time is 8:45. To fly from Moscow to London, you can also take British Airways flights. For example, flight BA232 leaves Moscow at 16:05 and arrives at Heathrow Airport at 18:00. Travel time is 3:55. The cost of a flight with British Airways is about 120 rubles.

It should be noted that a flight from Moscow arrives at Heathrow Airport, and a flight to Saint Lucia departs from Gatwick. It is possible to get from Heathrow to Gatwick using the services of the National Express Coach service. Travel time between airports is approximately 75 minutes (depending on traffic).

In addition, it is possible to fly via Poland and Canada. In this case, the trip is planned as follows. LOT Polish Airlines flight LO678 departs Sheremetyevo at 20:35 and arrives in Warsaw at 21:55. The travel time is thus 2:20. Next flight LO41 LOT Polish Airlines departs Warsaw at 14:20 and arrives in Toronto (Pearson) at 17:20. Travel time is 9:00. From Toronto, take Air Canada flight AC1744 on the Canada-Saint Lucia (YYZ-UVF) route. The flight departs Pearson Airport at 09:25 and arrives at Heuonorra Airport at 14:30. Travel time - 5:05. The cost of the flight for this option is about 51 rubles. It should be noted that with this variant of the Moscow Saint Lucia flight, a Canadian visa will be required, and the total travel time will be 000:47. The flight Moscow - Amsterdam - Atlanta - Castries will take approximately the same amount of time (flights SU50 (Aeroflot), KL2192 (KLM), DL6013 (Delta Airlines)), the cost of the flight is about 329 rubles.

Flights of local airline companies (Caribbean Airlines, LIAT) cannot be ignored either. Companies provide a wide range of various services that will make your stay on the island as comfortable as possible and significantly save time on your trip. Regular flights operate between the Caribbean islands.

Saint Lucia

Thus, the question of how to get to Saint Lucia should not cause any difficulties - it is possible to purchase air tickets for Saint Lucia without any problems. Therefore, obtaining citizenship and passport under the investment program in the Caribbean in Saint Lucia would be the best option. Saint Lucia has an ideal climate, great nature and excellent beaches. The state provides unique opportunities for obtaining citizenship of the Caribbean country. There are four investment options for acquiring the citizenship of this island nation: a non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund, government bonds, real estate investments and investments in business projects.

The first option is a non-refundable fee ranging from $ 100 for the main applicant to $ 000 for the main applicant and spouse, as well as 190 children. In addition, for each additional dependent, you need to contribute $ 000. This option is the simplest, but it has a serious drawback: the money is donated to the fund.

The second option - government bonds - involves investment in government bonds. loan. As a result, citizenship of Saint Lucia will cost from $ 500 per applicant to $ 000 for a family with two children. As with contributions to the National Economic Fund, each additional dependent requires a contribution of $ 550.

Investments in real estate (in the amount of $ 300 or more) can be a very interesting option, but here you should pay attention to the fact that it will not be possible to immediately become a citizen of Saint Lucia: this will become possible only after the expiration of the 000-year period of the acquired real estate owned.

And finally, the fourth option is business investment. It should be noted that this method of acquiring Saint Lucia is the most costly. The applicant will need to invest at least $ 3, as well as create at least 500 jobs. If two people acquire citizenship, respectively, the amount and number of jobs doubles. An important point: the created enterprise must be socially significant (for example, in the pharmaceutical sector, agriculture, etc.). 

Despite the fact that the acquisition Saint Lucia citizenship requires certain costs, all investments are fully justified, thanks to the advantages that a citizen of this island state can take advantage of. A citizen of Saint Lucia gets unique opportunities: visa-free travel to many countries of the world, including the EU countries, exemption from taxes on income earned in other states, as well as an excellent tropical climate of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean.