Real estate in Saint Lucia. Villas and Apartments in Saint Lucia.

Real estate in Saint Lucia. Villas and Apartments in Saint Lucia.

A beautiful exotic island - Saint Lucia - offers unique conditions for life and relaxation! The state of the same name is located on the island, which, in addition to the amazing nature and beaches, offers several interesting and profitable programs for acquiring a second citizenship.

First, become citizen of Saint Lucia perhaps by investing $ 100 in the National Economic Fund ($ 000 must be deposited for the main applicant and his or her spouse and two children. Each additional dependent requires a deposit of $ 190). Secondly, there are opportunities to acquire citizenship by investing in a business - this will require an investment of at least $ 000 and the creation of jobs (at least three). The third warrant for obtaining St. Lucia citizenship is investment in government bonds (this program will cost from $ 25 per applicant to $ 000 for a family). And, finally, it is possible to become a citizen of Saint Lucia by investing in real estate (from $ 3, however, in this case, the applicant can become a citizen only after the expiration of a five-year period of ownership of real estate). Regardless of the chosen option for obtaining citizenship, purchasing real estate on this unique island will be an excellent investment and will give you a lot of happy moments!

Cotton bay village

Saint Lucia Real Estate

On the island of Saint Lucia, you can always find an interesting real estate option. For example, Apartments Cotton Bay Village, Cas En Bas Beach, Gros Islet, are located on the northeast coast of the island. The complex is located almost on the beach. The offered apartments have an area of ​​204 sq.m. and consists of three bedrooms with bathrooms, living room and dining room. The cost of the apartments is USD 350. The Cinnamon Beach Villa is located in Trouya, Gros Islet and has an area of ​​000 sq.m. It is an ideal place for rest and relaxation - the villa is located just minutes from the beach. The villa has two levels: 232st level - fully equipped kitchen and living room; 1nd level - three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Cost - USD 2. At Bonne Terre Ranch, Panoramic Heights in Gros Islet (value USD 525), landscaped gardens with stunning sea views, pool and covered parking await owners. In addition to the main house, there is a guest cottage and a villa on the territory.

An interesting option is the apartment with an area of ​​111 sq.m. at Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. It has 2 bedrooms, and the master bedroom has an exit to the patio. The complex is equipped with a swimming pool. Cost - USD 249. Mansion in Cap Estate, Gros Islet has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a family room and spacious kitchen. The owners will enjoy stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. On the territory there are covered gazebos and a pool with sun loungers. House area - 900 sq.m. The cost of the mansion is USD 245. The semi-detached house Cotton Bay Village, Cas En Bas Beach, Gros Islet with an area of ​​875 sq.m. has three bedrooms, living room and kitchen-dining room with access to the balcony. In addition, the home owners can enjoy wonderful ocean views and stunning beaches. Cost - USD 000.

Real estate in Saint Lucia

Villas and Apartments in Saint Lucia

The villas and apartments located in Gros Islet allow you to fully enjoy the excellent climate and privacy. This small town is located in the northern part of the island, and its trademark is the Friday Night Street Party - a street party with loud music, dancing and a huge number of street vendors. Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate the Beazejo cricket grounds. On the real estate market, there are many offers in Gros Islet - this flourishing developing city is attractive to representatives of various countries of the world. In addition, you can find offers for the sale of real estate in other equally interesting places on the island.

So, Villa Akasha, located in the Cap Estate, has stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The future owners of the villa will have 6 bedrooms and an infinity pool with a bar. The area of ​​the villa is 836 sq.m. The cost of the Akasha villa is USD 6. The mansion Anse Couchon, Anse la Raye with an area of ​​900 sq.m. characterized by spaciousness and elegance, as well as a unique panoramic view of the mountain landscape. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Cost - USD 000.

It is worth noting that the choice of almost any place for living and recreation on the island will not disappoint - it is no coincidence that Saint Lucia, among the Caribbean islands, is considered the most environmentally friendly island. There are waterfalls with mineral water, tropical forests and fruit plantations. No one can be left indifferent by the extraordinary beauty of mountain ranges and charming fishing villages. A large number of mineral and thermal springs make the island an excellent place not only for life and recreation, but also for medical and preventive procedures that have a positive effect on health. It is St. Lucia that often becomes the venue for sailing regattas, and warm waters make it possible to enjoy diving, windsurfing, and also spearfishing. In addition, the island has a fairly rich cultural life - festivals and carnivals are held, which help to get to know the cultural characteristics of local residents. Of course, only by becoming the owner of real estate on the island, you can fully appreciate its uniqueness and versatility. On the island of Saint Lucia, everyone can find their dream home!