Saint Kitts and Nevis - Caribbean paradise for you

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a fabulous state in the Caribbean region, located on two islands - Nevis and Saint Kitts. Saint Kitts and Nevis is the embodiment of all the benefits that the tropics can give - amazing beaches, majestic mountains, amazing nature. Tropical birds and huge butterflies give the islands a special flavor, while avocados, bananas, mangoes and other exotic fruits grow in the jungle.
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis 

There are monkeys in the forests, but there are no dangerous predators on the islands. Compared to other islands in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis has a higher quality of life. When moving to Saint Kitts and Nevis, you should not be afraid of the language barrier: knowledge of English is enough to communicate with locals who speak this language fluently. In addition, in everyday life, the locals also use the Creole language, which is a mixture of words from Spanish, French, English, as well as words of the Indians. It should be noted and such an important fact for a comfortable and safe living, as a low crime rate in the state.

The favorable climate of the islands creates the most comfortable living conditions - no significant changes in the weather are observed here. In summer, the temperature, as a rule, does not rise above 30 degrees, and at night it does not drop below 18. A distinctive feature of the islands is the magnificent beaches. In Saint Kitts (southeastern outskirts) you can enjoy relaxing on golden beaches, and most of the coast is covered with volcanic sand. The beaches of the island of Nevis also meet all the ideas of a tropical vacation. The coast is reliably protected from storms, so the sea is always clean and calm.

However, the most beautiful mountain landscapes and unique beaches are not all that these unique islands have to offer: there are many interesting sights here. For example, in Basseterre (the capital of the state) there is Independence Square, as well as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. These places really deserve a visit. In Charlestown (Nevis Island) there is an interesting Museum named after Admiral of the British Army Horatio Nelson.

The islands attract divers from different parts of the world - an incredible number of exotic fish, as well as many ships that have sunk near the islands, amaze the imagination. Of particular note are the underwater caves (west coast of Nevis), ideal for speleosnorkeling. The islands have all the conditions for tennis, horse riding and golf. However, this is not a complete list of entertainment. For example, St. Kitts is home to several festivals, including Carnival, which takes place at the end of December. During it, the festival of Calypso music, the most interesting costume parades, and dance competitions are certainly organized. Nevis also hosts various cultural events, in particular, dedicated to the birthday of Hamilton. The June Music Festival attracts the best salsa and jazz performers to the islands. Lovers of nightclubs will have a great time in the establishments located on the islands. The cuisine of the islands combines the traditions of different countries, which, combined with the addition of national flavor, make it unique.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

The islands are ready to offer all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay of children: amusement parks appear (Adventure Park, Scenic Railway St Kitts, etc.), new options for outdoor activities. Both Saint Kitts and Nevis are home to both public and private schools. With a significant increase in the number of Europeans choosing Saint Kitts and Nevis as their permanent residence, the number of schools has increased significantly. Moreover, private schools are equipped with modern equipment designed for teaching children both in classrooms and in the fresh air. Higher education is also well developed in the state, and there are also pedagogical and technical colleges.

The level of medical care should be separately noted: it is quite high here. There are three public hospitals in Saint Kitts, and one on the island of Nevis. In addition, there are several private clinics in the country. Government hospitals have the necessary diagnostic equipment, can offer a standard range of medical services and urgent emergency care. In emergency situations, transportation to the mainland is carried out.

The business climate of the state is characterized as very favorable: Saint Kitts and Nevis is an excellent option for investment. The country has a strong economy and stable political system, and starting a business here is quite easy. Obtaining citizenship of this unique island-state opens up a lot of opportunities, and it is quite simple to become a citizen of the countries: since 1984, Saint Kitts and Nevis has been implementing the economic citizenship program, which is the oldest in the world. There are two options for acquiring citizenship: investment in the Sugar Fund (SIDF) and investment in real estate (objects from the list approved by the government). To obtain citizenship through the Sugar Fund Irrevocable Contribution (SIDF), a deposit of US $ 250 per individual applicant is required; for a family with up to 000 dependents, the contribution is US $ 3, up to 300 - US $ 000, up to 5 - US $ 350. Additional contribution for a dependent is US $ 000, over 7 years old - US $ 450. The second option for obtaining citizenship involves the purchase of real estate in the amount of $ 000. In addition, additional fees and taxes are required: the main applicant and dependents (over 50 years of age) - US $ 000, spouse, and also dependents under the age of 18 - US $ 75. More information on obtaining citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.