Saint Lucia - Most Interesting Hotels. Choosing the best one!

Saint Lucia - Most Interesting Hotels. Choosing the best one!

There are many hotels in Saint Lucia ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Most hotels are in the cities of Groz Ilse and Soufriere, there are many accommodation options in Marigot Bay and Castries, the capital of the island state. It is advisable to book hotels in Saint Lucia in advance, as the flow of tourists does not dry out all year round. The island receives especially many guests in May and summer, during the jazz festival and the famous carnival.

In Saint Lucia, hotels can be divided into the following types:

  • modern resort complexes with many restaurants, spa centers, golf courses and volleyball courts;
  • boutique hotels - buildings built during the colonial era and retaining the aesthetics of that period. Here you can admire interesting architecture and old interiors;
  • detached villas - for connoisseurs of privacy. Such hotels offer excellent service or protect yourself from unnecessary communication with the staff. The buildings have small self-catering kitchens and all the necessary amenities;
  • bungalow in national style - for those who want to feel all the colors of the local flavor. Of course, the service is not inferior to that of traditional hotels.

Service in Saint Lucia hotels

2 - 3 star hotels offer half and full board. The 4-5 star hotels in Saint Lucia are All Inclusive.

Guests are offered the following additional services:

  • transfer from the airport - for 4 - 5-star hotels, this service can be free of charge, hotels organize not only the usual rides in a car, but also helicopter flights;
  • organization of weddings - hotels offer a range of services, including a visit to the spa salon, manicure, pedicure. For newlyweds - a wedding cake, champagne and a romantic dinner for two. Perhaps a bright celebration according to the original Caribbean traditions;
  • diving - in many hotels in Saint Lucia you can get equipment and meet experienced instructors who make individual programs for each tourist;
  • babysitting services - babysitting for several hours or around the clock.

Interesting hotels in Saint Lucia

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort - Over Water Hotel

This hotel is part of the famous Greek Village complex, a great place for swimming and water lovers. For those to whom the giant pool seems to be something too ordinary, an artificial river has been created. The 26 gems of this hotel are luxurious overwater rooms. Glass floors offer scenic views of the Caribbean Sea, and guests have the opportunity to admire fish and corals. At night, the backlight turns on in the water.

Celestial hotel Jade Mountain

The hotel is located on the slopes of the volcanic Piton Mountains. This is one of the best places for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the local nature and tranquility, far from noisy beaches. Nature is very close, guests do not even have to go outside: one of the walls is missing in each room, and a deep infinity pool takes the place of a balcony. A separate bridge leads to the water. The heavenly terrace on the top floor is a perfect sunbathing corner.

Fond Doux Plantation - plantation holidays

This is one of the best hotels in Soufriere. The current cocoa plantation was created in the XNUMXth century, and now it is one of the UNESCO cultural heritage sites. Colonial-style cottages impress with their brightness and grace. The hotel organizes a free transfer to the Jalousi beach. The hotel itself has no less conditions for recreation and entertainment. It offers multi-level outdoor pools with waterfalls, professional massage therapists and therapists. During the plantation tour, you can admire tropical flowers and trees and listen to exotic birds.

The Landings St. Lucia

Guests live in private villas, eclectic interiors that blend European and Caribbean touches. This Saint Lucia hotel offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as diving, horse riding, canoeing, golfing and tennis. On the territory there are several indoor and outdoor pools. The windows offer impressive views of the tropical gardens and the sea.

La Haute Resort

This hotel is located in the mountains - 235 meters above sea level. The area is impressive with a wealth of natural shades - from here you can enjoy beautiful views of the rainforest, the Caribbean Sea and the famous Python Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is best to enjoy the panorama from the freshwater infinity pool. The hotel also welcomes lovers of diving and horse riding.

Saint Lucia Citizenship

The island-state offers a second citizenship program. This country's passport provides visa-free travel to the Schengen area, Hong Kong and the UK. The term for consideration of an application for provision Saint Lucia citizenship - no more than 3 months, the presence of the applicant is not required.

The investment scheme has been operating since 2015. Non-convicted people over 18 years of age who do not suffer from serious illnesses can take part in the program.

Several ways to obtain citizenship of Saint Lucia:

  • non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund - from $ 100 per applicant);
  • real estate investments - from $ 300, the object is selected from the list of projects participating in the development program;
  • investments in an enterprise - from $ 3;
  • purchase of government bonds - from $ 500 per applicant.