Saint Lucia - a unique island, unique nature and more

Saint Lucia - a unique island, unique nature and more

Saint Lucia is a fantastic and unique state of its kind, located on the eponymous volcanic island located on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Once it was in the colonial possession of Great Britain and France, which left its mark. For example, now the main official language of the state remains English, although local residents often speak a dialect of French.

The total area of ​​the island is only 616 square kilometers, so you will almost always feel the close presence of a warm sea or ocean.

Saint Lucia - unique nature

Saint Lucia

The volcanic origin, together with the climate, have determined the geographical diversity of Saint Lucia, which will not leave anyone indifferent. We can say that the island represents the summit of a volcanic group stretching from north to south (there is a separate mountainous area in the southwest). Signs of underground activity can be found here and now in the form of sulfur deposits, hot springs, gas escapes, but most of the slopes today are densely covered with lush rainforest. The coast of the island is very indented and consists of many bays and coves, small reefs.

Comfortable climatic conditions have determined the plant richness, which includes more than 400 species of flora. Here you will find magical orchids, palms, all kinds of shrubs and flowers that are exotic for us. They cover riverbeds, mountain slopes and valleys with a dense carpet, forming a fantastic landscape that is simply breathtaking.

It is interesting that on a tiny island, the size of which is only 44 * 23 kilometers, there are 5 national natural parks at once, where unique animals and plants are found. The lack of human activity in these areas has a beneficial effect on the ecological situation in Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia - the perfect climate

The riot of nature on the island became possible only with a relatively mild climate. The latter ensures the proximity of the sea and the ocean, the winds from which soften the heat. The average monthly temperature on the island is 18-26 degrees, which is quite comfortable for humans. Along with this, the dry (January-April) and rainy (May-August) seasons are clearly distinguished. Heavy intermittent rains are frequent (usually at the end of the day), and strong hurricanes are possible in August, which should be taken into account by all residents.

Saint Lucia - an island made for relaxation

The favorable climate of the island has contributed to the development of tourism. Today, 73% of the national economy is formed by the service sector, which is also focused on serving foreign travelers (the total number of the latter every year is more than 300 people, which is twice the local population). Also, the offshore banking sector will be very interesting for businessmen, which allows to optimize taxation in foreign trade operations.

Holidays in Saint Lucia

If you decide to move to St. Lucia for permanent residence or spend a significant time here, then in addition to a lot of entertainment and comfortable conditions, there is a large and varied fresh agricultural product at your service. Local farmers and businesses successfully grow bananas (the country is one of the world's largest exporters), coconuts, citrus fruits, grapes, mangoes, which will always decorate your table when fresh.

Please note that the west and east coasts of the island are very different. If you want to surf, then the Atlantic coast is ideal, which is not famous for its tranquility, but will allow you to catch a great wave. There are always few tourists here, so small bungalows and hotel complexes are usually offered. If you want to swim, it is better to go to the west of the island, where the waves of the Caribbean Sea are splashing. However, the compact size of the island will allow you to go from one coast to the other at any time, enjoying both high waves and light surf in one day.

The island of Saint Lucia is not that far

The location of Saint Lucia in the other hemisphere does not make the island inaccessible and very remote. From Russia you can get to it with one change in London or New York (options are possible depending on personal preferences). On average, the road from Moscow to one of the Saint Lucia airports will take 17-18 hours.

A very important advantage of the island will be the ability to visit it without a visa for up to 6 weeks (if necessary, you can resolve the issue of extending the period of stay on the spot, or the papers are drawn up in advance at one of the British visa centers). For a couple of weeks of staying in Saint Lucia, you can decide on the prospects for permanent residence, make sure of the advantages and opportunities that will be given by the presence of local citizenship.

Take care of your health 

The island has developed medicine, so if necessary, you will receive qualified assistance. At the same time, it is recommended to get vaccinated against the following diseases before the trip:

  • malaria;
  • rabies;
  • typhoid fever;
  • hepatitis A.

This list is not related to the epidemic situation on the island, but due to the tropical climate (a similar list is valid for other countries located in this zone).

How to get to Saint Lucia

Paradise Island is very close for those who wish to create a second airfield or even move there for permanent residence. The country's leadership offers the following options for obtaining citizenship:

  • a non-returnable investment in the local National Economic Fund (from $ 100 depending on the number of family members);
  • purchase of real estate in the amount of $ 300 or more (the project must be approved by the local government, and the tenure period must be at least 000 years);
  • opening an enterprise with the creation of additional jobs in priority sectors of the economy;
  • investments in government bonds (from $ 500 depending on the number of applicants).

In addition, potential citizens of Saint Lucia must be in good health and must have no criminal record. There are no other requirements for a passport applicant, and the paperwork will take only 3-4 months, which will be one of the best indicators in terms of time.

Availability Saint Lucia citizenship in addition to the ability to optimize taxation, it provides the following advantages:

  • the opportunity to visit 120 countries of the world without a visa (including the countries of the Schengen Agreement);
  • no residence is required on the territory of the state;
  • opening companies for a second passport.