Saint Lucia property prices. Choosing a house or apartment?

Saint Lucia property prices. Choosing a house or apartment?

Saint Lucia is a small island state that has become known as an excellent tourist resort and a convenient offshore zone. People come here to relax, keen sailors leave yachts here, bank accounts and companies open here for those who want to save on taxes and discover the whole world.

If you are going to move to Saint Lucia or are looking for it as an alternate airfield, you should fly here in person (fortunately, visas are not required for Russian citizens) in order to appreciate the infrastructure and atmosphere of the country. And also - to make sure that you can live here. However, you can check the prices for products, services, real estate without traveling - via the Internet.

Property prices in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia real estate

While the prices of food and essential goods, as a rule, do not differ much in different countries, then with real estate the situation is different.

So, according to the immigration program for investors, you can obtain citizenship by buying real estate at a price of $ 300 and at once closing two problems - with a roof over your head and a second passport. But what if you decide to take another immigration option?

Disappointment awaits you. Real estate prices here, indeed, have become high - from $ 500 for luxury apartments and villas. You can try your luck by coming to Saint Lucia in person and finding an apartment or room from local residents or through agents.

For daily rentals, you will have to shell out from 10 rubles per night (according to AirBnb), provided that you hit the road alone. The average daily rental price is 000-35 thousand rubles.

Long term apartment rental in Saint Lucia

Despite the sky-high prices for daily rent, here you can find quite convenient offers.

For example, in the city center you can rent a one-room apartment at a price of 360 dollars (about 20 rubles). Outside the city it will be even cheaper - about 000 thousand. A three-room apartment in the center will cost you almost $ 15. It is quite comparable with Moscow and European prices.

Average salaries in Saint Lucia

After taxes are deducted, the average salary in local companies is about 35 thousand rubles ($ 700). Consider this if you open a company and hire citizens of Saint Lucia. Or hire yourself.

Food in Saint Lucia

Prices in Saint Lucia

There are many restaurants and cafes in Saint Lucia for every taste. There are fast food and elite establishments here. Curiously, a combo set at McDonald's is almost twice as expensive as a regular dinner or lunch in an inexpensive cafe (about $ 4 per person). In an average restaurant, you will pay about $ 17 for a full meal for two.

Agriculture is developed on the island, there are enterprises engaged in the food industry. Therefore, food prices are not very high, which is unusual for island states. For example, local beer costs only $ 2 for 0,5 liters. Imported is only slightly more expensive.

For $ 2 you can buy a cup of cappuccino, a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola, a liter of milk, a couple of loaves of bread, a kilogram of rice. 12 eggs in a package or a kilogram of tomatoes cost $ 3. A kilogram of local cheese, chicken breasts - $ 4. A kilogram of potatoes will cost $ 2. Oranges cost the same. Apples are more expensive - $ 5.

For a pack of Marlboros, a smoker will pay only $ 3 (perhaps, in this respect, prices in St. Lucia are comparable to Russian ones).

Transport in Saint Lucia

Public transport costs $ 1, and a monthly pass costs $ 3. Riding a taxi is relatively profitable. Boarding a taxi will cost $ 7. There are even more favorable rates.

If you want to drive, be prepared to spend 30-40 thousand dollars on a car. However, these are new cars: old ones can be bought even cheaper. But the market for used cars is not very large here, so it is better to think over the issue of transport in advance. Gasoline for an island country that does not have oil wells is very inexpensive - $ 1 per liter.

Utility bills and petty expenses in Saint Lucia

If you buy or rent a home, you will have to pay for utilities as well. For water, electricity, garbage collection from an apartment of about 60 square meters, you will pay about 3000 rubles (which, in general, is comparable to Russian prices). Mobile communication (without roaming) is inexpensive, unlimited Internet access is about $ 50.

Clothing and other goods in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an offshore country, and it would be strange if prices here were very different from those in Europe or the United States. For example, jeans from a brand similar to Levis will cost you only $ 34. "Nike" will cost about 4000 rubles, shoes made of genuine leather - about 3000-3500 rubles.

In general, branded items are much cheaper here than in Russia. You can save even more by going shopping in Europe or the USA (if you have a visa), or simply ordering something online.

Entertainment and leisure in Saint Lucia

In Saint Lucia, prices are kept at a high level only for tourists and those who are going to migrate and are looking for luxury real estate. Much more inexpensive things and services are available to local residents.

For example, a monthly gym membership is only $ 40, and a movie ticket is $ 7. You can even rent a tennis court for the price of a movie ticket.

Business conditions in Saint Lucia

If you are starting an international company and want to save money, Saint Lucia has the best conditions for you.

First, you can pay corporate income tax. This is only 1%. Secondly, you can buy a license for a year. Its cost depends on your authorized capital. When buying a license, you do not have to submit financial statements to the tax office.

There is also a flat state tax. It's only $ 300 per year. Interestingly, no accounting is required. Nobody will demand it from you.

Are you planning to move?

Perfect solution! In Saint Lucia, despite sky-high real estate prices (which, however, are often artificially raised), you can find both inexpensive long-term rentals and very cheap food. You can live normally here, even if you don't earn more than the locals. Average salaries are quite good for a small island nation.

Prices for food, entertainment, goods in Saint Lucia do not shock, first of all, the citizens of Russia. It will be even more profitable here than in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Especially considering the loyal tax legislation.

There is one more important detail. You can become a citizen of Saint Lucia immediately, without spending years on obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence. You just need to invest a relatively small amount in the economy of the state - and in 3 months you will receive a passport.

Saint Lucia Citizenship Prices

Saint Lucia, in fact, sells citizenship to those who are ready to invest in the development of the state. Perhaps this is being said too harshly. But this is honest: you give money, get a passport, and with it - all the possibilities of a citizen of a country that is in good diplomatic relations with the most influential states of the world.

So, in Saint Lucia, the following conditions for obtaining a second citizenship apply:

  • Irrevocable contribution to the country's economy. You give money, the country gives you citizenship. Everything. It is not very expensive (compared to property prices). Enough $ 100 per person. If you are traveling with family and dependents, it will be much cheaper (for four - 000 thousand dollars);
  • Purchase of bonds - from $ 500. You can subsequently sell these bonds and even make a profit (which is quite likely, given the economic situation in the country and the world).
  • Buying real estate - from $ 300. A good option for those who want to immediately move to a prepared place and are looking for luxury housing.
  • Business organization. $ 3,5 million investment in your local business, at least 3 jobs - and you can become a citizen of Saint Lucia. Business, by the way, will be profitable: taxes are minimal here, and there are conditions for the development of the economy.

As you can see, moving to St. Lucia is not difficult, but living here is not that expensive.