The capital of Saint Lucia is Castries. What is interesting about Castries?

The capital of Saint Lucia is Castries. What is interesting about Castries?

In the heart of the mysterious and warm Caribbean Sea, not far from the North Atlantic Ocean, on an island shrouded in emerald greenery, is the state of Saint Lucia.
Castries Saint Lucia

The capital of the country - Kastri is an economic center, on the territory of which a third of the population lives. The capital is home to trade representations, business centers and enterprises that bring the main profit to the state.

Located in a cozy part of Saint Lucia, Castries grew up in a natural harbor at the junction of the Wagi Peninsula and the Bay of Port Castries. Founded in 1650 ago, the town was named after the French Marquis of Castries, and only at the end of the last century became the capital of a small but independent state.

Warm climate, sunny weather all year round, interesting sights and exoticism - this is what attracts tourists from all over the world here, many of whom later decide to acquire the citizenship of this small but attractive country.

How to get to Castries?

You can visit the islet and the capital of Saint Lucia by purchasing a plane ticket. Two airports were built on the island at once, between which helicopter traffic is organized. You can fly here from Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Antigua from Martinique and Barbados, as well as from Toronto, Miami or New York.

Taxis run between the airports on opposite ends of the island, which can be easily hailed on the street or ordered by phone. In addition to the plane, tourists who bought a ticket for a cruise liner, ferry, and owners of private yachts can visit the island.

What to visit in Castries?

Castries and Saint Lucia have a lot to see. However, tourists who have already visited the state saturated with solar energy, recommend organizing an excursion program as follows:

Vigi beach

Vigi Beach, recognized as the pearl of the island of Saint Lucia, is located near the airport and the capital of the state. Due to its proximity to the airport, tourists often visit Vigi first. Just imagine two kilometers of white and clean sandy shores, picturesque panoramas and turquoise sea.

The indisputable advantage of the most famous beach of this island state is considered to be clear waters and coastal territory, as well as the absence of huge waves. Here is a great place to learn to swim, relax with children, go diving. But surfing will have to be postponed. Another attraction is located on the beach - the tower lighthouse, which can also be visited.

Old quarters

Not far from the snow-white Vigi beach are the old quarters of Castries, walking along which you will learn the history of Saint Lucia. The promenade along the streets is an original way to get acquainted with life on the island for those who wish to obtain citizenship of this exotic state. If during a walk tourists feel tired, they can easily catch a taxi or rent a car, which will take them to the hotel. Since there are about 40 hotels in Castries, there is plenty to choose from.

Mamiku Gardens

Mamiku Gardens Saint Lucia

When visiting Castries, don't miss the opportunity to look into the Mamiku Gardens. This is another famous landmark of the capital of the island state, which grew up on the northern outskirts.

The picturesque tropical garden, which grew on the site of a former cotton and tobacco plantation, is now considered a popular holiday destination. A magnificent example of original landscape design, divided into four independent gardens, Mamiku covers 5 hectares.

The mystical garden is famous for orchids and laurels, the Secret Garden (like Veronica's garden) is rich in bananas and greenhouses, the Botanical Garden contains rare species that are on the verge of extinction. Walk along each of them using special paths.

Fortress Mont Fortune

Another attraction of the capital and at the same time a silent guard is the Mont Fortune fortress, which has grown up near the Castries harbor. Being the first fortification of Kastri, the fortress survived many bloody wars and changed owners 14 times.

Kitchen and restaurants

Fresh fish, roti (flatbread with vegetables), lots of fruits and vegetables - this is the traditional Caribbean cuisine, which is introduced in each of the Castries restaurants. However, “The Coal Pot” is recognized as popular, the chefs who managed to combine the basics of Caribbean cuisine and the exceptional French approach to cooking.

There are many miniature restaurants on the island and in the capital, each of which offers its own menu.


In addition to attractions, endless beaches, emerald Caribbean waters and international food, Castries is famous for its duty-free shops in the port and malls (La Place Carenage and Pointe Seraphine).

No less popular are the souvenir shops located in the colorful and sunny Jeremy Market. It sells Castries artisans, jewelry, and legendary Caribbean rum. Try the rich dark Chairman's Reserve and the light Crystal Lime rum.

Visa-free regime

Russian citizens can arrive on the territory of the fabulous state of Saint Lucia without a visa for six weeks. But in practice, this is not enough to enjoy the vibrant and exotic nature, unique cuisine and the flavor of an alluring country. Former tourists wish to obtain a second citizenship and become a full citizen of the Caribbean state.

How to get citizenship in Saint Lucia

To obtain Saint Lucia citizenship without paperwork and problems, a special program has been developed that has been tested by many people. On the one hand, it opens up unlimited prospects for new citizens, on the other hand, it provides economic preferences to a sunny country.

To do this, you need to be an investor, or buy real estate or buy government bonds of Saint Lucia. 

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Obtaining a second citizenship in Saint Lucia with the help of our company has a number of advantages:

  1. Processing of information within 3 months (including the applicant, spouse (s) and dependent persons (children under 25, parents over 65, disabled people) living with the applicant;
  2. No need to visit Castries when applying for citizenship;
  3. Lack of requirements for place of residence, education and management experience;
  4. Citizens of Saint Lucia can freely visit more than 100 countries around the world;
  5. There is no income tax.