Country Saint Lucia. Information. History. Economy.

Country Saint Lucia. Information. History. Economy.

A small island washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Saint Lucia has become a paradise for boaters, tourists from Europe and the United States, and also entrepreneurs. This is an offshore zone in which all doors are open to a wealthy person. This is a window to the countries of the first world. It is a country with a rapidly developing economy, and it is profitable to invest in it.

Saint Lucia A bit of history

Country Saint Lucia

Since 1502, when St. Lucia was discovered by Christopher Columbus, the island has been repeatedly tried to populate. It was possible to do this only in 1650 - the French. For a long time, sugar cane was grown on the fertile soil of the island of volcanic origin, and gradually an indigenous population was formed here, which included the descendants of Africans and mulattoes. From the early 1958th century until XNUMX, Saint Lucia was part of the British Empire. Now the country is associated with Great Britain, and Queen Elizabeth II, represented by the Governor General, is considered the supreme ruler.

Curiously, slavery was abolished on the island earlier than in the United States. This did not require any wars or gaining independence.

Despite the association with Great Britain, at the moment the country of Saint Lucia is an independent state that independently determines domestic and foreign policy. And for several decades now he has been doing this successfully.

Basic information about Saint Lucia

In Saint Lucia, it will be easy for you to adapt if you prefer warm, sunny weather. The official language of the state is English (with local dialects). You don't have to learn a new language: in a few days you will be able to understand the locals. You will be understood even earlier: tourism is thriving here, and the island is regularly visited by both British and Americans.

The total area of ​​the state is 616 square kilometers. The island has an elongated teardrop shape with a mountainous relief. Despite the numerous rocks, there is fertile land here, and agriculture is developed.

The largest city and capital of the country is Castries. Leading educational institutions, banks, government agencies are concentrated here. In total, about 160 thousand people live in Saint Lucia. The density is low and there are immigration programs in the country.

Diplomatic relations and visa policy

Saint Lucia is open to first-world countries and beyond. Russian citizens will be able to enter the country with one passport - no visa is required. Citizens of Saint Lucia, in turn, are eligible for visa-free travel to 120 states, including the Schengen area, Hong Kong and the UK. Dual citizenship is recognized here, and emigrants who have not renounced their first citizenship will be able to receive more rights and tax breaks here.

Economy of Saint Lucia: for business and beyond

The island state has relied on two main sources of income - offshore and tourism.

Business representatives who decide to open a company in Saint Lucia will face minimal taxes and excellent conditions for development and growth. In order to register a company, it is not necessary to be present in person: registration of legal entities is possible through an intermediary. The same, by the way, applies to obtaining a second citizenship.

If you are planning to settle in Saint Lucia, you can pay attention to the tourism sector. The island is popular with Europeans, Americans and simply rich people from all over the world. Here you can open a hotel, restaurant, travel company, car rental and much more. Explore the yacht market as well: the island is loved by boat lovers. If you open a yacht club, dock, ship repair and maintenance company, you will not be left without clients.

The real sector is also developing in the country. There is agriculture and industry (including those based on waste processing). The salaries of local residents outside the tourist season are not very high, there is unemployment, so you can locate an enterprise on the island and create several jobs - there will be many who wish. Moreover, this kind of business is also welcomed by the government.

Saint Lucia as an alternate airfield

There are countries in the world that grant citizenship immediately. You do not need to wait 5-10 years before you receive permanent residence and a citizen's passport. There is no need to look for workarounds, live in another state, try to stay afloat by opening a real business. In Saint Lucia, you can get a passport in a few months - so much time will take the very process of obtaining citizenship.

Why exactly Saint Lucia citizenship?

Ease of obtaining citizenship

It's really simple here. Within three months, you will be able to issue a passport for yourself, your family members (spouse and children), elderly parents (over 65) and any other people who are dependent on you. You do not need to come to the country in person: everything can be processed remotely. However, if you want to go to Saint Lucia personally, there will be no problems: you do not need to obtain a visa, a passport is enough.

There are several investment and business programs here, and you can choose the best option. You can open a real business, invest in real estate or bonds, make a non-refundable contribution (in fact, buy citizenship).

Requirements for the applicant are minimal. Majority, no criminal record, good health - that's all you need. If you cannot boast of excellent health, but you have an adult child, he or she may become an applicant.

Open borders

By becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia, you will have almost complete freedom of movement. There is no need to obtain and renew a Schengen visa. You will also be able to use visa-free travel as a citizen of Russia. And also - significantly simplify the organization of travel to the United States and other countries of the first world, not included in the Schengen area.

Convenient conditions for business development

Saint Lucia is an offshore zone. After obtaining citizenship, you can open a bank account and a company here, paying the minimum taxes and fees. You can work with this all over the world.

Yachtsmen will also be able to take advantage of the situation: it is not difficult to register a vessel in the country.

Excellent climate and good living conditions

The locals are welcoming and cultured, and life itself in St. Lucia - outside the resort areas - is not very expensive. You can move here if the need arises.

Emigration program

Saint Lucia has investment program to obtain a second citizenship. You have four options. You can read more about them at the link above. Here - briefly:

  1. Non-refundable deposit. $ 100 for one person, $ 000 for a family of four. The money is not returned - it goes to the development of the economy of Saint Lucia. You get a passport and all the privileges.
  2. Buying a property. Amount - from $ 300. The property cannot be sold for 000 years. The state takes a duty on the purchase.
  3. Purchase of government bonds. Amount - from 500 to 550 thousand dollars (for a family of up to four people). The bonds can then be sold.
  4. Contribution to an investment project in Saint Lucia. You will need to invest at least $ 3,5 million and create at least three jobs for citizens of the state.

As you can see, there are options. Including those that do not involve risks: you simply invest $ 100 in a state fund and receive a passport as an investor. It's simple and convenient. At least, it is more convenient than investment programs in any other countries.