More than 100 Russians have already become citizens of Saint Lucia this year

More than 100 Russians have already become citizens of Saint Lucia this year

Despite the fact that obtaining the citizenship of Saint Lucia became possible relatively recently - in 2015 - many of our compatriots have already appreciated the advantages of the proposed program.
Saint Lucia citizenship

What is interesting about citizenship of Saint Lucia

So, over this year, over a hundred Russians received the citizenship of this island state. What is it that attracts Russians so much? It is no secret that obtaining a second citizenship is not only a fashionable trend, but also a kind of "alternate airfield". The increased demand for obtaining a second citizenship is due to the need to protect against political risks and a change in tax residency, the ability to travel without visas to a huge number of countries and other important factors. Thanks to the states offering citizenship by investment, this has become quite feasible, and it is the citizenship of Saint Lucia that is one of the most affordable options.

It is important to note that since January 1, 2017, the government of Saint Lucia has opened up even more opportunities for those wishing to acquire citizenship. First, the number of investors was previously limited - up to 500 successful applications per year, now this limitation has been removed. Secondly, the applicant is not required to visit the state to obtain citizenship. Thirdly, the return of the option to purchase government bonds took place. In addition, with the adoption of the amendments, the obligatory declaration of the investor's possession of $ 3 million was canceled. As already noted, citizenship of Saint Lucia is by far the most affordable option - other states of the Caribbean offer a higher level of investment. And it is certainly much easier to obtain a Saint Lucia passport compared to other countries in the world offering second citizenship.

Investment program for obtaining Saint Lucia citizenship has the following advantages:

  • No need for residence, as well as personal presence to obtain citizenship;
  • Recognition of a second citizenship;
  • Application processing within three months;
  • Citizenship enables visa-free travel to more than one hundred countries;
  • No tax on global income;
  • Lack of educational requirements and a number of other positive aspects.

In addition, the citizenship of Saint Lucia makes it possible, if such a need arises, to live on the territory of an island state with an excellent climate.

There are several options for acquiring citizenship. First, such an opportunity is available to those who are ready to make a contribution to the National Economic Fund on a non-refundable basis. This requires a deposit of US $ 100 by the main applicant; US $ 000 is contributed by the main applicant and his or her spouse; if there are two children, the contribution increases to US $ 165, and for each additional dependent, a contribution of US $ 000 is assumed. real estate investment. In this case, it is required to purchase property in excess of $ 190. Investments can only be made in pre-approved projects, and the period of ownership of the property must be at least 000 years. Another option is investing in an investment project in the amount of at least US $ 25m. Also, this option involves the creation of at least three jobs, and the list of possible areas is limited: it can be agro-processing enterprises, pharmaceuticals, a transport network, research and development, as well as specialized restaurants and maritime universities. And finally, the fourth option for obtaining citizenship is government bonds. The amount of bonds may vary depending on the composition of the family. Thus, the main applicant must invest US $ 000, the main applicant with a spouse - US $ 300,000. For a family with two children, the amount of investment in government bonds will be US $ 5. For each additional dependent, an investment is assumed in the amount US $ 3,5.

Citizenship of Saint Lucia

In addition, the acquisition of citizenship involves the payment of additional costs, including services to support the process of acquiring citizenship - US $ 25. A criminal background check is also required: the cost of such a service is US $ 000 for the main applicant and US $ 7 for dependents who have reached the age of sixteen. In addition, it provides for the payment of state fees, the amount of which varies depending on the chosen method of acquiring citizenship. In particular, when buying real estate, the size of the state fee is: for the main applicant - $ 500, for a spouse, as well as for children under the age of eighteen - $ 5, for children under the age of eighteen - $ 000.

Only Saint Lucia has such a flexible investment system - programs of other states cannot offer four options for acquiring citizenship. In addition, Saint Lucia is a CARICOM member country (the organization includes 15 Caribbean countries). Citizenship of one of the countries provides the opportunity to reside in any other CARICOM member state. An important factor is the presence of a developed banking sector in Saint Lucia. Thus, the citizenship of Saint Lucia opens up truly unique opportunities in various fields - both for doing business and for traveling and living in a country with a favorable climate.