Data processing agreement

Data processing agreement


When you click on the buttons, you send us your personal data, thereby confirming your consent to their processing. 

In accordance with the provisions provided for by Federal Law No. 152-ФЗ dated 27.06.2006/XNUMX/XNUMX "On Personal Data", the operator is obliged to take all necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of users' personal data from illegal actions or accidental access to them, as well as actions entailing destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution of personal data. Other actions qualify as illegal.

Internet resource (site) is a complex of text descriptions, graphic elements, design components, images, program codes, photo and video elements, as well as other elements necessary for its beneficial functioning. Our address:

Under the Site Administration means persons who are employees of AAAA ADVISER LLC who have the right to administer it.

User - a site visitor who logged into the Site, who accepted the condition of the consent in question, regardless of whether he passed the registration, authorization procedure or not. 

Under Personal data protection means a set of procedures that allow compliance with the requirements of the legislative norms of the Russian Federation in terms of storage, processing, storage and transfer of personal data of visitors.

What data of visitors is processed when visiting the site:

  1. Visitor's passport data (full name);
  2. Visitor's email or IP address;
  3. Tel. No. visitor.

By accepting the terms of the commented Agreement, the Visitor confirms his permission to take actions related to the processing of his data.  

The processing of the data in question implies the following actions:

  • collection
  • recording
  • systematization
  • accumulation
  • storage
  • clarification (updates, changes)
  • extraction
  • implementation of use
  • transmission (distribution, provision of access)
  • implementation of depersonalization
  • blocking
  • removal
  • destruction of personal data.

In order to fulfill the obligations provided for by the above Federal Law and the relevant regulatory legal acts, the site administration is taking all the necessary measures. In addition, the administration of the site, in accordance with the above federal law, has the right to independently determine the composition and list of measures that are necessary and sufficient in order to ensure the fulfillment of the relevant duties.

This consent is valid until the user of the site revokes it. The revocation is carried out by means of sending the corresponding written application by registered mail or delivery to the legal representative of the company against receipt.

Company addresses:

After receiving a written application to revoke this consent to the processing of personal data, the Administration of the site is obliged to stop processing them and exclude Personal data from the database.