Official move to Kyrgyzstan for Russians:

Official move to Kyrgyzstan for Russians:

Official move to Kyrgyzstan for Russians: free use of visas and legal use of two passports

The current situation on the world stage requires lability and the ability to quickly adapt to any changes. To actively travel across continents, maintain business relationships and remain relevant to business partners, the easiest way is to obtain additional citizenship.

Of the nearby regions, the Kyrgyz Republic is popular among domestic migrants. Here, the top management simplified the submission of papers for those living in the former USSR. Let's consider the set of rules approved for making a request and the advantages of living in a new location.

Who can count on an affirmative answer?

The resolutions describe options for developing the scenario when collecting certificates for becoming a citizen. Two orders are legalized:

  • General. An applicant who has lived in the country for 5 years without leaving for no more than three months has the right to submit a petition. The total time of stay is considered up to and including the date of drawing up the application.
  • Simplified. Applies to all people born or living within Belorussian, Kazakh, Kirghiz SSR or RSFSR. In this case, the person must confirm his past involvement in the collapsed Soviet Union. Archival data up to December 21, 1991 is examined.

The last column attracts applicants with its simplicity. Everyone who belongs to these applicants is 100% likely to enjoy favor on behalf of the relevant authorities. There are no problems with obtaining permission from persons who confirm the presence of a close relative who already has an internal Kyrgyz passport. Immediate family members include spouses, step-relatives, grandparents, adoptive parents or adopted children.

The loyalty of the creators of the legislation is confirmed in several articles Law “On Citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic”. There are detailed exceptions for several categories of the population.

A separate procedure is reserved for ethnic Kyrgyz. The list includes those who have no affiliation, those who have returned to their permanent place of residence, and women with any civil status who are married to a local resident. The listed clients already dispose of the certificate as quickly as possible if they undertake not to violate the statutes and clauses of the Constitution.

Pros for those who moved from Russia

Russian has been declared the second permitted language, so the adaptation of migrants is invisible. The mentality is different from the usual. However, there are no strict principles here, failure to comply with which will result in punishment. Priority is given to standard provisions from the Criminal Code and adherence to generally accepted decency.

The costs of selecting certificates and applications are minimal. People who travel abroad from Russia legally retain both identity cards. Accordingly, they enjoy the preferences of states and retain the possibility of movement. Any bank card valid throughout the world is registered in the name of this person. With documents from Kyrgyzstan, a person can easily receive approval for visas to Europe, the United States of America and other designated continents. For the most part, there are special privileges for issuing a legalized residence permit, which due to circumstances is closed to Russian citizens.

The authorities are expanding the zone of freedom for doing business. The most financially attractive sectors were tourism, subsistence farming and the agricultural segment. Thanks to the extensive external relations of the ministries in terms of economics and diplomacy, manufacturers freely enter the European and American markets. There are programs aimed at reducing tax contributions.

Consideration of applications from potential citizens takes a fairly short period. Often, after sending a request, 3 to 6 months pass from the date of acceptance by the competent service.

Exceptions for persons not entitled to simplified receipt

The required period of stay in Kyrgyzstan is reduced to three years if the person presents one of the following grounds:

  • is highly qualified in one of the specialties in demand in science, technology, culture or other professions;
  • invests in priority economic areas within the municipality (the order and size of such investments are not listed anywhere);
  • when confirming the social status of a refugee in accordance with highly specialized laws.

Thus, with a detailed study of government regulations and requirements for visitors, any applicant claims a positive verdict on the application.